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Adalyn S. Brugger, Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law
Who would you trust with your pets? If you are not here tomorrow, who makes sure your pet is cared for, loved? We can give you peace of mind by including detailed plans for pet care right in your Will. According to Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy magazines, thousands of pets are left homeless every year because pet owners fail to plan for their pet's care after the owners are gone. Many pets wind up in animal shelters receiving minimal care. Most of us just assume our family members will step in and take over. Often, this does not happen. Why leave this to chance when you can provide a flexible plan for the care and feeding of your loving pet with a Pet Trust? Usually this is set up as part of the owner's Will. A PetTrust establishes a Custodian to care for your pet, a designated sum of money to pay for this care and a Trustee to see that the money is used as you have directed. Ensure you return the same unconditional love your pet has always given you, with the legal services of Adalyn S. Brugger.

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What happens to my pets when I die?
Brenda S.


Most of us assume that a family member will step in and take over. Often, this does not happen.
Adalyn S. Brugger


What is a Pet Trust?
Mike R.


A flexible plan to take care of the feeding and care of your pet.
Adalyn S. Brugger


Is this part of my will?
Pam H.


Usually; but most people never even consider this option. It can be a separate agreement if your will is already drawn up.
Adalyn S. Brugger



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