October 5, 2015
5:01 pm

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What's Happening Around The World
Fear the Walking Dead is telling a story not often explored on prime-time television: generational rifts over the violence that immigrant parents have experienced.
As the presidential campaign season heats up, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton made an appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.
The new biopic Freeheld follows the true story of a lesbian couple seeking recognition of their partnership. Page talks about their "mind-boggling" ordeal and her own fears about coming out.
Late night comedy has been dominated by white men, but is that changing? NPR's Michel Martin asks with Yael Kohen, author of We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy, and NPR TV critic Eric Deggans.
The politics, parodies and jokes of Saturday Night Live have been making viewers laugh — and sometimes cringe — for decades. As the show begins its new season, NPR TV critic Eric Deggans focuses on the highs and lows of SNL's last 40 years.
After Steve Bartman possibly interfered with a catch in a 2003 playoff game, his fellow Cubs fans sent him death threats. Now they want to send him to the National League wild card game next week.
Also this week: What the Washington Nationals dugout clash between Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper says about the culture of baseball.

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